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Audio & Video Tips

Making the Music & Video

Recording Tips - Audio

  • If you have an audio interface and microphones please use them for your performance you’ll sound miles better than using a phone/pc mic.

  • If you need help setting the gear up or recording contact Phil on , I’m a sound engineer so hopefully I can help you get the
    best sound.

  • If you prefer you can send me separate files for sound and vision and I’ll sync them up – just do an in vision hand clap before you start. WAV files are best followed by 320kbs mp3s.

  • If you’re recording in Zoom go to Settings, Audio and then Advanced (bottom right of the screen).  Change ‘Supress Persistent Background Noise’ from Auto to Disable and change ‘Supress Intermittent Background Noise’ from Auto to Disable.

  • Again if you are recording to Zoom – always ‘Turn on Original Sound’ – it’s a message at the top left of the meeting screen when you start the meeting.

Recording Tips Video

  • Always record your video in landscape (phone on it’s side!)

  • If you’re feeling brave you can record the video on two devices e.g. laptop and phone. One as your main view and the second as a close up or side shot. Do an in vision hand clap once both devices are in record, send me both video files and I’ll cut between them.

  • You can record to Quicktime on a Mac – File – New Movie Recording or you can record to Zoom – just open a free account, start a new meeting and click on Record at the bottom of the screen. When you end the meeting the video automatically downloads.

  • Remember it’s the performance that counts so if a phone is all you have that’s perfect too, just check your performance back to make sure we can see and hear you!!!

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